IQ Massager Acu-Slippers


The ultimate accessory for relieving tired and sore feet. Acu-Slippers connect to your IQ Massager TENS device.

The foot is one of the most concentrated areas of the human body’s treatment points and channels. Using the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the IQ Massager Acu-Slippers were developed to provide Bio-electricity Treatment, Magnetic Therapy and Pressure Point Therapy, resulting in a comprehensive, non-invasive, painless and effective treatment. All of this PLUS a wonderful pain and fatigue relieving massage.

Benefits you may find with Acu-Slippers:

  • Relief from foot, ankle, or lower leg pain
  • Relief from foot and leg fatigue
  • Increased circulation
  • Nerve activation

Improve Blood Circulation:

As the foot region is far away from the heart, its blood circulation is not very great. Metabolism waste in the blood, including calcium, salt, lactic acid, crystallite, etc. tend to deposit in the lower parts of your body. This will further obstruct blood circulation and can lead to many diseases. Foot treatment can dispel these deposits, making blood circulation smoother; bringing the waste back to the kidneys through blood circulation. In this way blood circulation is improved and toxicity can be eliminated.

The Acu-Slipper massaging shoe will work with any of the IQ Massager TENS units. If your unit does not have a massage shoe function just use the first mode on your unit. Please note that you should set your mode on the FIRST MODE SETTING while using Acu-Slippers. Sit back and relax, let the foot massage relieve the stress on your feet and ankles.


  • 1 pair of Acu-Slippers
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